Sliding wardrobes are an elegant and luxurious solution, which saves space in your bedroom.  They are an ideal solution where the space required for conventional wardrobe doors is not available.  As well as being ideal for taking care of clothes, our sliding wardrobes are a stunning looking addition to your bedroom.

Custom Sliding Wardrobe Doors

All of our sliding wardrobes are custom made, constructed from durable materials and finished in a range of glass, vinyl and timber effects with accessories and furniture to match your exact needs.  Desired angles and precise measurements come as part of the service.


Sliding Wardrobe Styles

The Classic

The classic makes use of full length mirrors or panels to create a stylish and traditional look.  Available in a range of finishes the classic does not date, giving longer furniture life with exciting combinations.  Full length mirrors compliment the matching wood grain panels create a sense of space and comfort.

I have the expertise and experience to make and install fitted wardrobes designed to fit any room exactly.

classic wardrobe finishes


The shaker style sliding wardrobe fuses modern materials with traditional styling to create a truly unique look for your home.

The shaker doors are made for you to your exact specification.  This creates a sleek floor-to-ceiling wardrobe and wall-to-wall storage system.  Maple, oak or walnut frames can be paired with matching wood effect panels.   You can choose from an extensive range of coloured glass finishes or mirrors to complete the effect.

shaker sliding wardrobe finishes


Clean, vertical and horizontal lines help make the contemporary range a stunning option.  Cross strips are added to the classic frame finish to give a split door with a completely unique look.

Panels, coloured glass and mirrors bring an endless choice which will enable you to create exactly the right mood.  Fitted to your requirements, the interiors are made to match or compliment the exterior.

sliding wardrobe contemporary finishes

Glass & Mirrored Finishes

I can offer you a range of stylish and contemporary glass finishes help bring your fitted sliding wardrobe to life.  You can choose mirrored from , coloured and frosted finishes.

Fitted sliding wardrobes with glass doors bring a sense of luxury and aethetic appeal that is hard to beat.  Mirrored wardrobe styles offer a practical solution for the modern bedroom.  They make any room look and feel much larger, as well as the handy practicality of having a large mirror where you dress.sliding wardrobe doors glass finishes

Arrange A Visit

Every home is different and I take great care to accurately measure your home to ensure a perfect fit.  Using these dimensions I create your made-to-measure, matching furniture.

I take care to ensure that the interior of your wardrobe matches the exterior and is just as neat and high in quality.  I can also create bespoked, matching furniture for you, bringing a unique finish to your room.

I am delighted to visit you in your home to discover exactly what you are looking for.  There is no obligation to buy and I can demonstrate the modern mechanisms and anti-jump systems that could be used on your wardrobes.

I like to establish the clothes and items you wish to store, so the right combinations of storage spaces and accessibility is designed and installed for you.

If you have been put off by badly made units which don’t work smoothly, you’ll be impressed.  My sliding wardrobe doors don’t ‘jump off the rails’ or repeatedly stick.

Innovative Wardrobe Solutions For Difficult Spaces

If you have previously found it difficult to get off-the-shelf wardrobes to fit your room’s angles or sloping roofs, don’t worry.  I can solve these problems with an array of innovative solutions.  We fit loft conversion spaces with wardrobes, cupboards and doors to fit awkward angles, we’ve decades of experience.  We maximise any usable space rather than just hiding joins or fitting large blanking plates.

I carry out the whole job for you, carrying out quoting, design, manufacture and installation for you.  Being a skilled and experienced craftsman, delivering high-quality, custom sliding door wardrobes is my pleasure.  You will be surprised to know that my craftsman service and finish, comes at a lower price than most of our corporate competitors.

Mirrored Sliding Wardrobes

Peter Lee Hall brings you a wide range of mirror glass in different effects.  Your room will look bigger and no light is lost.  My wardrobes will fit the character and colour schemes of the room, complementing them beautifully.

I offer three distinct styles of fitted mirror wardrobes – The Classic, Shaker, Contemporary. We also offer aluminium frames.

Examples Of Interior Layout

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