When you plan a loft-conversion, you’ll want to make the best use of every inch of your new room.   With fitted wardrobes and storage, you don’t need to waste any of the space you have.

I am skilled in making wardrobes and storage units precisely with doors and fittings cut perfectly into angled ceilings. With a great deal of experience fitting loft-conversions and bedroom-fitting, I can custom make and install furniture even where walls and ceilings are uneven.

I can finish your custom made wardrobe in a variety of colours and a wide range of styles.  I make it easy for your to get the wardrobe that you want for your loft-conversion.


Whatever style of wardrobe that you have in mind, I can make and install it into your home, at very reasonable prices.

My wardrobe interiors are made to match the exterior.  I create dividers to partition the internal space of the wardrobe, sized and furnished to suit the way you like to store, or hang your clothes or other items.

Why Choose Peter Lee Hall?

  • I can install custom made wardrobes to fit any awkward angles, sloping ceilings or room features.

  • I can help you find the perfect style and finish of wardrobe to make the most out of your space.

  • I can create bespoke bedroom furniture to fit your loft

  • I work locally in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Solihull and surrounds.

  • I always complete my work in a timely fashion and work on one job at a time.

Attention To Detail

Peter Lee Hall goes the extra mile by ensuring for example that doors are made to order toward the end of the process so all measurements can be checked and double checked against the remainder of the wardrobe once it is in situ.

I ensure that this does not slow down the process and always finish work on your home before moving onto service another customer.

Get In Touch With Peter

If you have recently moved in to a property or have had a loft converted and wish the wardrobes and furnishings to be of a quality which makes the most of your recent investment then please call or email us using the form below.   I can arrange to show you examples of our work and talk with you about the options available.

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