I was pleased to manufacture and install this beautiful fitted wardrobe with hinged doors and with a very effective, deep grey finish for a customer local to me recently.

With a good space to work with, I had the opportunity to make a wardrobe that could store the homeowners clothes in a way that works exceptionally well for them.

Convenient partitions make this wardrobe simple to maintain, cutting down the time it takes to load clothes into it and to look for the right outfit while getting dressed.

To make the wardrobe even more functional, my customer and I agreed on 4 central mirrored panels, making it easy to get a full-length view of their clothes as they get dressed.

beautiful custom fitted-wardrobe with hinged-doors fashionable grey

Peter Lee Hall Fitted Bedrooms High Quality Wardrobes

Each of the wardrobes that I create are made to measure your bedroom space.  If you’d like to find out more or arrange a FREE Quote on your fitted bedroom call 0121 353 3563 or 07970 838 023 today.

I will visit your house, measure your bedroom and listen to what you you need from your fitted bedroom and wardrobes.  I can then provide you with a quote for the work required.

Don’t be shy about getting in touch, I don’t believe in the hard-sell!  I am happy to visit you and offer advice and show you some examples of the finishes you can choose for your bedroom furniture.  I can also make your bedroom furniture to fit your wardrobes exactly.

I regularly work in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham and Solihull from my Streetly location, so wherever you live in these areas, contact me today.