As an extremely experienced and skilled carpenter, I can create a wide range of custom made bedroom furniture to exactly match your fitted wardrobes and storage.

Many of my customers aren’t aware of this service and once they are, many of them are really glad to take advantage of it.

How many times have you tried to get furniture that goes perfectly with your bedroom, only to find that it isn’t quite right or clashes with it.

When you choose Peter Lee Hall Fitted Bedrooms, you don’t have to search the Internet for hours, or spend your time off trawling through high-street shops, trying to find furniture to match the style of  your fitted sliding wardrobe or hinged doors.

custom bedroom furniture matching chest of drawers

Let Me Make Your Matching Bedroom Furniture

Simply tell me what sort of furniture you’d like me to make and I will create it for you.  Since I make all of the fitted beroom furniture that I install, I can finish your furniture in exactly the same style as your wardrobe or storage space.

Call me today on 0121 353 3563 or 07970 838 023 to find out more.